Portable Duplicate Files Finder is an easy to use and efficient tool for finding, displaying, and removing duplicates from your computer’s hard drive. It allows you to select from multiple folders on your computer and also to define the minimum and maximum file sizes. It is compatible with all versions of Windows and with Mac OS X systems.

The free version of this software is intended for personal use only and its license agreement is not applicable to third-party software applications.

How to Crack:

Download it from its homepage (redirecting you to the latest version),

Extract the contents,

Run the setup and follow the instructions,

Just when done, copy the Portable Duplicate Files file to your desktop,

Rename the copy to PortableDuplicateFilesFinder.crack and

Double-click on it to open up the installer,

Now, check the box against the option Show me how to crack this software and click on Next,

In the next window that opens up, click on Next,

Type in the Serial Number that is provided by the company and click on Next,

Now, agree to the Terms of Use,

Accept all the pre-selected files,

Click on the Install button and,

After the installation is complete, find the PortableDuplicateFilesFinder.exe file on the desktop,

Double-click on it to run the application,

Scan the folder you want to scan for duplicates and wait until the analysis is complete,

Choose the ones you want to remove,

Click on the Remove button and,

Enjoy the found duplicates!

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Keymacro should be an existing macro used in the code.
It can be defined using ”
#include “”
” in asm file. If you use the above,
you can run masmtidy on the asm file.
Masmtidy is written in python. The source code is available here
I am giving away all the win32 source and binaries for Linux, Solaris, and MacOSX.

There are many macros for x86-64 and masm. But x86-64 is the only
CPU type where macros are used on assembly files and tools are used
to extract the macro from files. There are many tools available that
can extract macros from files. The tools include;

$(MC) – gives a list of all macros defined in the current source.
masmtidy – source is converted to assembly and all macros are automatically extracted.
masm2obj – generates object files with all macros defined.
masm2source – uses an existing masm source file to generate object files with all macros defined.

masmtidy is a python script that parses a masm source file and converts it to masm assembly code.
The script can also read a.c source file and generate masm assembly code.
The basic script can be downloaded from the above link.

The optional arguments are;

-c –skip-all-lines Skip all lines other than ;. Use this argument to get a list of macros from a file.
-h –help Print help message and exit.
-p –pid Attach a process to the generated masm file. If a file name is specified then it is the file name. The pid can be a process number or pwd. If the first arg does not start with a / it is assumed to be a pid. If the first arg is a path then it is assumed to be a pwd of the process you want to attach.
-s –skip-macro-name Skip macro name. The default macro name is “.
-s –skip-comment Skip comment line. The default comment line is //.
-s –skip-doctype Skip declarator types. The default declarator type is `.
-v –verbose Prints out more information during processing.
-x –x86-64 Attach process to the generated masm file.

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