Let’s start by getting to know your goals, aspirations, experience and skills set.

Fill in the application in the category that you think best shows off your skills and what you want to offer to the Caribbean. Our Caribbean partners will then contact you when they need a skills match.

At Caribbean Skills Bank, we hope to be able to  help all kinds of individuals fulfill their volunteering and skills match ambitions. We’re reaching out to mature and senior professionals, middle managers, specialists and people who are willing to help.

Tell us what you have to offer and a little about your expertise and we’ll work with our partners on turning that into concrete help and support for the region.

We hope to connect the Caribbean and those in the Diaspora on projects, work requirements and startup needs in times of emergency.

The Caribbean Diaspora Skills Directory CIC

Set up to harness the professional skills and talents of the Caribbean Diaspora to provide support, contacts and networks as a resource for the Caribbean region.